Image of Stonehenge

A tribute to the prehistoric pioneers of human progress
and a ray of sunshine for modern man

Stonehenge Software is the publisher of the online application, Process Measure, a program for improving hospital care step by step.

Hundreds of hospitals in the U.S. will soon become extinct - unless they improve their patient outcomes.

This is not only due to financial penalties for poor performance, but also to the inherent costs of inefficiency.

Improving outcomes means improving processes, that is, both process design and process compliance.

But what hospital can afford to focus on improving every step of every process?

Process Measure is designed to help hospitals to improve patient outcomes, by identifying the process steps with the greatest potential for outcome improvement.


We have been using Process Measure at our hospital for over a year. Process Measure has helped us understand and analyze the key influencing factors (steps) affecting our DTN (door to needle times) for stroke patients receiving thrombolytics. This has created an objective method for determining where to focus our process improvement methods to get the most “bang for the buck” … aka biggest leverage on the outcome. Operationally - the software is easy to use, entered data is readily accessible for edits if required, and the informative setup procedures make the learning curve short for new users. With several design features that allow flexibility in adapting the program corresponding to changes in clinical workflow (steps) and the ease with which performance graphs can be obtained is truly impressive. We received kudos from the DNV stroke accreditation surveyors on innovative use of Process Measure to drive process improvements. We are excited about spreading the use of this tool to other acute care situations in the hospital.

Devesh Dahale, Director of Health Systems Engineering at Southeast Health, Dothan, Alabama, March 6, 2024


Thank you to Ira Gorelick for the beautiful photograph of Stonehenge, one of the earliest examples of artificial intelligence.


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